tepcon family grows by 120,000 members

tepcon family grows by 120,000 members

Company takes over bee sponsorship

At only 1.4 cm in size, bees may be tiny and inconspicuous, but OHO: because these insects play an essential role in maintaining the entire ecosystem. For this very reason and according to the motto "We don't just make the future digital, we also do something for it!", tepcon supports nature-based beekeeping and the creation of flowering meadows to preserve biodiversity with three bee sponsorships in Dauchingen. The bees thus find a richly laid table in summer, where they can stock up on pollen and nectar.

Bee sitting on flower

"Not only in software development, but also in nature, the details and every single particle matter. We are happy if we can contribute to environmental protection with our bee sponsorship for three bee colonies," says Christoph Kluge, Managing Director of tepcon GmbH.

However, bee mortality is increasing dramatically due to monocultures and pesticide use. However, it is not only honey bees that need help. It is about preserving biodiversity, in which wild bees, birds and other small creatures also find a source of food and a refuge to breed and feed undisturbed.

Pictures of the little godparents can be viewed on the homepage of Biomanufaktur Schneider, where tepcon acquired the bee sponsorship. "We thank tepcon for helping to support nature in its diversity," says Irene Schneider from the Biomanufaktur. More info at: www.biomanufaktur-schneider.de.