In 3 steps to ideal digital documentation

3 steps to ideal digital documentation - A guide


Documentation is important, the digitalisation of it is inevitable and a user-related, good implementation of it is decisive for success. In just 3 steps to ideal digital documentation - that's how it works:

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1. good documentation creates customer confidence:

Therefore, the first question one should ask is what actually makes a good documentary:

  • Good documentation must be easy to find, accessible at all times and always available in the most up-to-date form.
  • The content and scope are derived from the objective of the specific documentation, i.e. what do you want to achieve with the documentation? With the focus on this goal, design the documentation to be as comprehensive as necessary and as short as possible! Nothing important should be left out, but the user should not be overloaded with information either.
  • Target group-specific language is crucial. Address users directly, clearly and, above all, in their language. Are you addressing a layperson or an expert? This must be clear and taken into account when addressing them.
  • Structure content clearly and concisely with clear titles and subtitles, broken down from the big picture to the detail.
  • Visualisation is the be-all and end-all. Complex issues can be better explained with images. Videos depict entire processes in a comprehensible, step-by-step manner. With symbols and drawing elements you can enrich images with even more information. Therefore, integrate all these means into the documentation and thus create a varied user experience.
  • With practical search functions , you ensure that users find all the important answers right away.

2. the step of digitalisation:

  • Clarification of internal requirements and guidelines: What restrictions are there regarding the storage of the data? Is the data available via SaaS or On Premises?
  • How do you want to access the data in the future? A cloud solution is practical, but it must take into account all data protection issues. It is also important to consider whether an internet connection must always be available for the use of the solution, because it is more practical if the system also works offline.
  • What hardware is required for use or are there in-house hardware requirements? Ideally, the solution is suitable for all mobile devices as well as for PCs, but also for future-oriented devices such as smart glasses. In this way, you remain as flexible as possible.
  • How are access rights managed? At best, the programme offers the possibility to assign individual user rights.
  • How user-friendly is the system? Does it offer easy-to-understand menu navigation with a logical structure? Is it intuitive and understandable and usable for users without cumbersome training?
  • Traceability is a decisive criterion in the area of documentation. Can the system tell who created or changed which documentation and when?

Once you have dealt with steps one and two, the third step is the easiest and quickest of all and is called augmented instructor:

augmented instructor is a digitisation solution for the creation and retrieval of documentation that takes all the points from steps one and two (presented here) into account and puts them perfectly into practice.

augmented instructor - Features

  • Easy to find, always accessible from anywhere and at any time, and in the most up-to-date form.
  • Extensive possibilities for content design and structuring, direct address, easy inclusion of images, videos, markers, audio content and text
  • Practical search functions
  • Secure, data protection-compliant storage in the IIoT portal, access also possible offline
  • Saas or OnPremise available
  • Compatible with all mobile devices and smart glasses
  • Individual access rights management high traceability
  • User-friendly, intuitive user interface
  • Transparent price-performance ratio, free demo version

How it works - super simple. We will be happy to show you in a non-binding online meeting and look forward to your enquiry: