Focus on knowledge transfer - these 3 principles must be observed

What is the knowledge of your company and your employees worth?

Every entrepreneur should be able to answer this question.

Have you also asked yourself whether you are doing enough to sustainably secure this valuable, intellectual capital? Yes, No, Maybe?

Retiring employees and insufficient documentation of work processes are sources of knowledge loss. Counteracting this and bundling know-how smartly and transferring it within the company is a crucial task that every company must pursue.

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These 3 principles must be observed:

  1. Hold on to expert knowledge
    Skilled workers are a key economic factor. 55% of German companies see a shortage of skilled workers as the No.1 threat and, according to forecasts, the situation will continue to worsen in the coming years*. It is therefore all the more important to use modern technologies to capture the knowledge of employees efficiently - i.e. quickly, easily, comprehensibly & directly in everyday life. Only in this way can it be safely preserved and passed on within the company.
  2. Ensure you are "up to date"
    Processes and systems are subject to constant change, so it is more important than ever to keep up with rapid changes. Always give your employees, partners or customers a head start, inform and train them about changes in good time. This is the only way to quickly close qualification gaps and strengthen competitiveness.
  3. Visualise interrelationships
    With complex issues, good visualisation of the interrelationships is essential. Good 2D images but also realistic 3D models in virtual or augmented reality help here. Studies show that learning success can be increased through the use of VR/AR content. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by these technologies and link them as an additional tool in your learning concepts and platforms such as e-learning and blended learning.

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