USE CASE: Workflow optimisation at ystral

USE CASE: Workflow optimisation at ystral

Simplify the workflow with digital step-by-step instructions, save valuable time and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Documents only limited in digital form and not always immediately available
  • More difficult coordination of service missions due to contact restrictions


  • Using the augmented instructor to easily create digital workflows
  • Central storage of the digital instructions in the portal


  • 20% time saving
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Improving the quality of documents
Digital instructions in mechanical engineering

"By using tepcon's augmented instructor software, workflows can be created quickly and easily. The time required could be reduced by around 20%."

Samantha Tröber,
Assistant to Director Engineering
ystral gmbh maschinenbau + processtechnik


ystral is an owner-managed company in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. The focus is on the conception and construction of individualised/specialised machines and plants. The company's headquarters are located in Ballrechten-Dottingen in Baden near the border to France and Switzerland. As a medium-sized company with over 270 employees and subsidiaries in China, India and Singapore as well as numerous agencies, ystral is active worldwide. The ystral technologies are used by medium-sized companies as well as corporate groups.  

The challenge

The challenge was to make simple instructions available in digital form, for both customers and employees, worldwide, at any time. Two important changes were moving the world of work at that time. 

First, the change in work processes resulting from Covid-19, including, for example, contact restrictions and radical limitations on travel. 

Secondly, the increasing and strategically important significance of Industry 4.0. ystral has recognised that the digital mapping of workflows is an essential step towards competitiveness.

Until now, company manuals were only available in digital form to a limited extent. Customers also did not have access to them at all times. Since ystral delivers machines worldwide, different time differences have to be taken into account when providing customer support. Timely, direct support is the challenging goal. For these reasons, ystral opted for the solution "augmented instructor".

The goal

The availability of digital workflows is intended to enable ystral customers and employees to to carry out maintenance or repair work independently. repair work. The prerequisite for this is complete and easy-to-understand instructions. Customers and their own employees should always have quick and easy access to these instructions. quick and easy access access. Thus, the use of a service technician on site should no longer be absolutely necessary. However, if additional direct support from ystral is required, an expert call can support the execution of the digital instructions. The goals here are resource-saving operation, improved coordination and fast customer support without time delays in the event of service.

The solution

Through the use of the tepcon solution augmented instructor can be workflows can be created quickly and be created. These are user-friendly in application and administration and can be used flexibly. QR codes, which are attached directly to the ystral systems, allow the user to quickly call up the corresponding instructions. The suitable hardware (Ex-protected data goggles/tablet) also makes applications in the ATEX area (Zone1/21) possible. The solution includes detailed logging of the individual service activities that require feedback or confirmation from the service personnel. In this way, faults can be analysed and resolved. In addition, service operations on the various systems can be analysed and evaluated centrally via the portal.

The result

With the joint solution, contactless support for service staff and customers is now possible. With the digital instructions real-time problem solving is achieved. The time required could be reduced by 20%. Another efficiency factor is the saving of travel costs, which is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Important results are the significant improvement in the quality of company documents as well as the increased customer satisfaction.

Desktop and mobile solution of the augmented instructor for ystral

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