Virtual and yet present

Virtual and yet present

With trainhub, tepcon offers a virtual training centre for sustainable classroom training.

Face-to-face training is increasingly posing challenges for companies. Simple video conferences and online meetings are functionally limited, have only limited interactivity and are not very sustainable in terms of knowledge transfer. trainhub closes the gap and surpasses the level of classic face-to-face events with virtual training.

Virtual animation avatars on the beach in front of GFH facility
The training participants and teachers can meet and exchange in the form of interactive, individually designed avatars.

Every year, German companies invest billions in the acquisition of new, modern production facilities. Growing global competitive pressure is a central motivation to keep their own production permanently at the cutting edge of technology. However, investing in new machines and systems is not enough. In order to be able to use them effectively in the long term, it is above all necessary to qualify employees comprehensively and efficiently for their operation, maintenance and repair. According to the Institute of the German Economy (IW), German companies invest more than 1,200 euros per year and employee in an average of more than 18 hours of further training. So far, the focus has been on so-called learning in the process of work, which includes practical instruction by qualified specialists and external trainers as well as classic workshops. However, this concentration on training on the object, within the framework of classic classroom events, is increasingly presenting companies with problems. 

It is not just Corona that has made it increasingly difficult to implement such face-to-face training efficiently. Decentralised work, complex learning content and expanded knowledge about efficient teaching and learning methods increasingly present classroom training as unsustainable and economically unattractive in every respect. The lack of professionals capable of carrying out the necessary training measures further complicates its practical implementation. At the same time, however, the experience of the last two years in particular has shown that simple online formats, such as video conferences and static e-learning, can only replace classroom teaching to a limited extent.

With trainhub, the specialist for innovative digitalisation solutions tepcon GmbH combines the technological possibilities of virtual reality with contemporary multimedia learning content and location-independent classroom training in a virtual training centre.

People with VR glasses
Optimised for the virtual reality headset Oculus Quest, employees can take part in virtual training courses via trainhub with minimal system requirements. Within their framework, the desired learning content is conveyed by expert trainers in real time.

All types of multimedia training content are used. This includes photos and graphics, videos or documents as well as interactive 3D models of training objects. As a framework, trainhub offers a virtual training room in which not only the learning content is presented in a memorable way, but training participants and teachers also meet in the form of interactive, individually designed avatars. Functionally, trainhub is based on tried and tested methods of classical face-to-face teaching and transfers them technologically into the virtual space. In this way, participants can communicate with each other and learn both individually and collaboratively on 3D work models. "Students" and "teachers" are given the opportunity to check their individual learning progress through direct contact and feedback and to deepen content as needed. The facilitators have technical options here that are also derived from a classical teaching situation. If necessary, they can use a virtual laser pointer, mute individual participants or even block them in case of doubt, or focus the training on selected content by teleporting the avatars. Participants can also use a laser pointer, for example, to accompany detailed questions or to draw attention to questions with hand signals.

virtual animation with instruction on computer

"We were not primarily interested in virtualising face-to-face training one-to-one, even though trainhub opens up all the possibilities for the avatars of training participants that characterise classic face-to-face training. Rather, trainhub offers a clear extension of contemporary employee training: location-independent, efficient, environmentally friendly, economical and with possibilities that are unthinkable as a demonstration on the object."

Christoph Kluge, Managing Director of tepcon GmbH