USE CASE: AR system for trade fair showcase

USE CASE: AR system for trade fair showcase

Augmented reality makes GFH's high-tech products easy to understand. products are illustrated in an easily understandable way. This creates a trade fair experience with a wow effect.

Tepcon sets GFH plant in AR scene


  • The technology inside the machines is not visible from the outside
  • The costs for a trade fair exhibit with complete interior are immense


  • Virtualisation of the plant interior including animation
  • Development of a trade fair app for visualising the AR system via various smart devices


  • Crowd puller
  • Complex technology is clearly communicated to the customer
  • Reduction of transport costs by around 40

"With the help of augmented reality, visitors to the fair were also able to explore explore angles of our plant that would be impossible to see in real operation. visible in real operation.

Franziska Hofmann
Marketing, GFH GmbH

GFH GmbH - laser micro machining

The GFH GmbH is a specialist in mechanical and plant engineering. The focus is on the design and construction of high-precision laser micromachining systems with ultrashort pulse lasers (UKP). The main focus of the machines is on micro-drilling, fine cutting, ablation and laser turning . Thecompany's headquarters are located in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria.

The challenge

The GFH laser micromachining systems are high-tech, complex machines with partly individual, customer-specific product adaptations .In addition, the technologies inside the machines are not visible from the outside .A real trade fair exhibit with complete interior fittings ,which informs trade fair visitors about the diverse product features , is associated with enormous transport costs .Norcan itprovide an insight into the interior construction of the system.

The solution

With the help of augmented reality, the high-tech products and interrelationships are illustrated in an easily understandable way. Through the use of the tepcon solution augmented presenter solution, the complete interior including animations is virtualised and projected into the interior of the system housing with the AR glasses Microsoft HoloLens 2. In addition, the contents of the
system can also be placed next to the housing if desired and viewed virtually from all sides. Thanks to the specially developed trade fair app, the 3D plant models can also be accessed via a smartphone or tablet.

The result

From the outside, the visitors initially saw no difference to a normal GFH-machine. But by putting on the AR glasses and immersing themselves in the virtual inner life of the machine, a trade fair experience with a wow effect was created. The AR solution was a crowd puller and attracted more visitors to the stand. The complex plant technology was communicated to the customer in an easily understandable and interactive way. The trade fair and machine transport costs were reduced by around 40 % thanks to the AR solution - compared to taking the machine with a functioning interior.

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