tepcon visits customer Heuft at the südback trade fair

tepcon visits the customer Heuft at the südback trade fair in Stuttgart

Among other things, Heuft presented the new BIC (Back Information Center) at this year's südback on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart, which tepcon has revised this year, expanded with new functions and given a "new coat of paint". The solution was presented to customers in a separate area and live on the tablet and was well received by interested parties. 

Especially in the current situation, where baking requires a lot of energy and is associated with high costs: the BIC Portal visualizes and monitors energy requirements, baking programs and oven utilization transparently and with foresight. In combination with the energy-efficient Thermo-Oel heating technology developed by Heuft, customers are thus future-proofed.

Many thanks to Mr. Wagner, project planner heat compound system of the company Heuft and to Mr. Kahl, customer service provider of the company Heuft for the exciting exchange and the invitation to freshly baked croissants and breads at the booth.