tepcon is part of the AEN Engineering Dialogue Congress

Lecture by Christoph Kluge at the "Transformation in Times of Crisis" Congress

The AEN Engineering Dialogue Congress in Karlsruhe is organized by the aen automotive engineering network and showcases best practices and innovations on the topic of "Transformation in times of crisis". Christoph Kluge, Managing Director of tepcon GmbH, gave the exciting presentation "Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers with digital instructions!" in this context. 

Against the backdrop of a sharp increase in the shortage of skilled workers and the rapid development of business processes and technologies, the sustainable safeguarding and targeted use of corporate know-how is crucial to the success of companies. But how does a company manage to retain its knowledge continuously and in a structured manner and to make it available to its employees at the required time and place?

With the augmented instructor software solution, digital instructions can be created in just a few minutes. Any work processes are quickly and easily recorded step by step into easy-to-follow instructions. Whether in manufacturing, service or for maintenance - the application possibilities are manifold. The use, on the other hand, is child's play and can be implemented quickly for any company.