USE CASE: X-Reality in the Learning Factory 4.0

USE CASE: X-Reality in the Learning Factory 4.0

Augmented reality and virtual reality help students learn in a meaningful and effective way.

X-Reality in the Learning Factory 4.0


  • New technologies place high demands on vocational school training
  • Machines for hands-on learning are only available to a limited extent


  • Comprehensive digital platform,
    that effectively supports learning with AR and VR
  • 3D visualization of equipment
    and digitized instructions
  • Virtual classroom


  • Contemporary learning experience
  • Complex technology is clearly communicated to the customer

"With our Learning Factory 4.0 we prepare the students optimally for the requirements of of Industry 4.0."

Reiner Jäger Principal Industrial Schools Donaueschingen

Commercial schools Donaueschingen

The largest school in Donaueschingen offers a diverse school education with its many different types of schools, from vocational preparation, vocational schools and vocational school to vocational college and technical high school. In the Learning Factory 4.0, students: inside have the opportunity to learn about different assembly options and handling of a
industrial task.

The challenge

Modern technologies and advanced production processes make qualification within the framework of training increasingly demanding. Both classic dual and full-time school-based training must impart knowledge and skills that canhardly be taught without practical learning on machines and plants. Schools have only limited access to these ,and companies arerarelyable to adequately integraterunning plants into training.

The goal

The "X-Reality in the Learning Factory 4.0" project aims to provide Donaueschingen's vocational schools with a comprehensive digital platform that effectively supports learning with the help of AR and VR. In this way, practical training on real plants is optimized with the help of augmented reality and machines are replaced by digital mapping with the possibilities
of virtual reality.
Another goal of the project was the development of a virtual classroom that enables training to continue without being tied to a specific location.

The solution

With the help of the augmented instructor, students at the Donaueschingen Vocational Schools can visualize digitized instructions in augmented reality in individual work steps and, with the aid of suitable hardware, superimpose virtual elements, such as markers, over physical elements and supplement them with additional information.

In addition, the augmented instructor offers the possibility to fully visualize plants based on 3D CAD models. On the one hand, this makes it possible to include photorealistic representations in location-independent eLearning; on the other hand, virtualized plants can be animated in this way, making it possible, for example, to gain insights into running processes that remain hidden from the viewer in reality.

With trainhub, the virtual training center, teaching content can be developed by students themselves and made available for classroom and distance learning. Against the background of the experience of the Corona pandemic, this is the optimal solution to combine virtualization and classroom training.

The result

Through the use of various X-Reality solutions, the Learning Factory 4.0 offers a contemporary learning experience and makes it possible to experience interdependencies thatcanonly be conveyed in theory using classic training methods .

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