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Augmented Reality? What's behind it ...

Augmented reality combines physical reality with a virtual world. The augmented presenter brings your products to life as 3D models - wherever and whenever. You and your customer can place, move and interact with the virtual objects in real space, just as if the products were physically present right in front of you. Thanks to the three-dimensional capture of space, the virtual models can be either in miniature format or in the original product size, fixed to the real environment or even placed freely.

AR technology in use by industry leaders

Many companies use AR solutions. Why is that? It's simple: augmented reality gives companies advantages:

The fields of application are diverse and not limited to certain industries or business sectors. Ideas and corresponding hardware are in constant development. And the best thing about it: AR solutions can be perfectly adapted to the individual challenges of different markets and companies and used profitably.

Sales and marketing

Simple catalogues and PowerPoint presentations were yesterday. With the augmented presenter, you can convince your customers by placing the finished product, such as a machine, directly on the meeting table as a mini 3D model or directly on the production floor in its original size. The interactive product presentation generates curiosity and makes the dialogue exciting. Technical details and product adjustments can be optimally coordinated on the 3D model.

Of course, one does not want to and does not have to do without classic print media: These are simply enhanced with AR solutions. By scanning an image marker or an integrated QR code, your customer can quickly access your individual customer app and view and interact with your 3D product models using any smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

3D models can also be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated on company websites, so that your customers can dive into the exciting world of Mixed Reality with your 3D product models directly on their desktop.

Virtual presentations, animated product presentations on the desktop, smart device or via AR glasses - everything is possible. Once implemented, your 3D product models can be used in many ways.

Fairs and events

Impress your customers and interested parties with convincingly real-looking 3D product models and place them virtually in the middle of your exhibition stand, without any physical transport or set-up effort. No one can get around this kind of virtual product presentation! With the IoT portal, in which your 3D models are securely stored, you are maximally flexible and always have access to your entire product portfolio, from which you can conveniently load the corresponding virtual model onto the AR glasses as required. The integration of animations or films makes the virtual product models even more exciting.

Advertising agencies

For advertising agencies, we offer AR solutions in a whitelabeling format, which enable agencies to expand their own portfolio. The inclusion of the latest AR solutions in the range of services means, on the one hand, the creation of an innovator image and, on the other hand, a new source of revenue with both existing and new customers. Innovative AR solutions can also be ideally integrated into the cross-selling concept, so that agency clients are served with an all-round package.

In addition, we offer individual partner models ranging from the classic tip and sales commission to new business models in which the agencies can offer the creation of the 3D models as an external service and profit from it.

Success story

Our customer GFH GmbH uses AR to create a trade fair experience with a wow effect. Through the use of augmented reality, the high-tech products can be illustrated in an easily understandable way.

"With the help of augmented reality, visitors to the fair were also able to explore angles of our plant that would be impossible to see in real operation."

Franziska Hofmann, Marketing, GFH GmbH

Tepcon sets GFH plant in AR scene

Construction and prototyping

The augmented presenter ensures an optimised design process, as the review of design plans is possible at a very early stage of the project. The system, including all subsystems, can be conveniently and easily viewed and discussed via a virtual design review. This is done thanks to various simulation options that enable an optimal match between customer needs and supplier proposals before and during the development process. High clarity, efficient design process and a product that satisfies the customer 100% are the results.

Factory planning

Get a preview of the future factory view through a realistic, detailed visualisation - that's what the augmented presenter does. By placing your product as a 3D model in real size directly in the production hall of your customer, you can see from the first moment how the offered product fits into the factory. Check quickly and reliably whether all the necessary connections are accessible and the assembly can be carried out without any problems. The result is optimised factory planning even before the order is placed and production starts.


Training can take place anywhere and at any time and is no longer tied to the physical object, e.g. the availability of a machine. These can already be carried out before the system is delivered, which means that your employees already have the knowledge and experience to ensure the full operational capability of your new system when it is commissioned. Language barriers can be overcome through the intuitive visualisation, which also contributes to the highest possible operational capability of your system.

A colourful mix of functions in the tepcon product range

AR - Augmented Reality
High-quality, virtual models are integrated into reality. The three-dimensional capture of the environment creates maximum realism.
MR - Mixed Reality
Objects can be brought to life with a mobile device and the scanning of corresponding marks. Particularly interesting for expanding print documents.
VR - Virtual Reality
New, eventful worlds are created here. Out of reality, into the virtual world full of information and unforgettable experiences.
3D - Models
Your 3D models are securely stored and flexibly accessible for you in our IoT portal.
Complex processes can be illustrated with detailed animations. With this type of visualisation, no ambiguities remain unresolved.

Hardware Check

Our Mixed Reality products are compatible with all common smartphones. Both Android and iOS systems are supported.
Microsoft Hololens
Our AR solutions are adapted to the MS HoloLens. The AR glasses have integrated depth cameras, the basis for the system functionality.
Our Mixed Reality products are compatible with all common tablets. Both Android and iOS systems are supported.
Sascha Spitz

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