Smart, simple and secure mobile APPs

The integration platform for process optimisation

The app chat board takes you by the hand and guides you safely through every workflow. Through clear instructions on a familiar interface, even complex workflows are processed reliably and error-free by every employee. Processes, both within your company and beyond, are simplified and accelerated. Thanks to its numerous functions and end-to-end encrypted communication, the chat board can be used in almost every area of your company. applicable.

Spare parts

Process your spare parts orders quickly and reliably via your chat board. In combination with the QR navigator, your spare parts management can be simplified even further and can ultimately be carried out with just a few clicks. clicks.

Order management

The chat board transmits an order from the dispatcher at the head office directly and quickly to the driver's terminal. For optimal route planning, information on the destination can be transmitted directly to the vehicle's navigation software. navigation software of the vehicle. Order processing is also carried out via the chat board and is automatically transferred to the central server together with the complete delivery documents.

Time recording

You can conveniently record the working hours of your mobile employees via an NFC transponder. The data is transmitted in encrypted form to the central server and is thus immediately recorded. In conjunction with our telematics solutions other recording methods are also possible, such as when entering or leaving defined geo-zones.

Document exchange

Benefit from short and direct communication channels between your mobile employees and your head office. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, sensitive data and documents can also be exchanged securely via your chat board. securely. Information is always in the right place at the right time with just one click!


With the chat board, your entire workflow is digitally recorded and mapped. Communication, work steps, documents and other process-relevant information are bundled and well structured for later evaluation and optimisation. and optimisation.

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