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Control centre

Set new standards in flexibility, control and efficient use of resources. With tepcon condition monitoring solutions you get full transparency over your machinery. Always keep an eye on the actual machine utilisation and capacity reserves. The holistic overview covers the complete planning and execution of the production processes and enables quick intervention in the event of bottlenecks.

Condition monitoring

Reliable condition monitoring of your plants for maximum safety and machine efficiency based on the OPC-UA standard is what we offer you. Measurement data is reliably recorded, forwarded and processed, important plant-specific parameters are analysed. The service life of critical spare parts can be identified and maintenance scheduled according to plan. No more unforeseen downtimes and consequently cost savings are the consequences.

Condition Monitoring "Everything at a glance

With our condition monitoring solutions, we offer you a robust and scalable IoT portal with numerous functions to monitor, control and visualise the condition of your equipment. Thanks to a maximum overview, you can optimise your machine use, reduce wear and increase the operating times of your systems.

Process monitoring

Important machine parameters are continuously logged and stored. Process values can be conveniently and clearly displayed in graphics. The evaluation of this data enables informative long-term observations to be carried out, all production machines to be compared and possible correlations between individual factors to be identified.

Central recipe management

Central control of all process sequences increases your flexibility, saves you valuable time and minimises errors during changeovers. Short-term changes in the production programme can be made easily and quickly via the central IoT portal and transferred to any number of machines.

A colourful mix of functions in the tepcon product range

Keep track of all relevant process parameters in your individually configurable dashboard.
Process data analysis
The bundled display of machine parameters on the central Iot platform gives you a full overview of your machine performance at all times.
Recipe management
Manage machine recipes centrally and access them at any time. Synchronise your entire machine park in just a few moments.
Evaluations and reporting
Comprehensive reports allow you to carry out long-term observations and extensive analyses of your performance.
Early warning system
Detect irregularities in your production processes at an early stage. This gives you time to think and make the best possible decisions.

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