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Federal funding program:
Digital NOW

As part of the "Digital NOW" funding program of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, investments by SMEs in digital technologies and related processes and changes in the company are funded. The basic prerequisite for funding is a digitization plan with the initial situation, investment project and sustainable effect of the investment.

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Promoting digitization

Who is eligible for funding?

  • Medium-sized companies with 3 to 499 employees
  • The company must have a permanent establishment or branch in Germany where the investment is made

What is eligible?

  • Investments in digital technologies
  • Investment in employee training on digital topics

How much is the promotion?

  • 30-40 % subsidy for the investment
  • Min. 17.000 € - Max. 50.000 €

Baden-Württemberg Support Program: Digitization Premium Plus

The "Digitization Bonus Plus" program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs is designed to increase the digitization of business processes and enhance IT security in companies. To this end, investments for the acquisition of hardware and/or software and the use of IT services are subsidized.

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Promoting digitization

Who is eligible for funding?

  • Companies in all industries with up to 500 employees
  • Companies in which another company with more than 500 employees or a public body has a stake of 25 percent or more are not eligible.

What is eligible?

  • Introduction of new digital information and communication technology (ICT) systems for products, services, processes, improvement of ICT security, and artificial intelligence applications.
  • necessary training of the employees

How much is the promotion?

  • Grant variant 1:
    40% of eligible expenses from EUR 5,000 - 40,000; max. grant of EUR 4,000
  • Grant variant 2:
    10% of eligible expenses from 40,000 - 100,000 EUR, max. 10,000 EUR grant
  • Loan variant:
    Loan amount from 5.000 - 100.000 EUR

Goals of the support programs

Through digital transformation, your company gains the following benefits:

More cross-industry digitization processes

Improved digital business processes

Strengthening competitiveness and innovation

Strengthening in economically structurally weak regions

More opportunities through digital business models

Taking off digitally with tepcon

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