QR Navigator

QR Navigator 

We encounter QR codes in many different places in everyday life. Whether on shopping bags, business cards, advertising flyers or product packaging - the information and additional functions behind them already offer real added value in our everyday lives. information and additional functions already offer real added value in our everyday lives.

With our QR Navigator app, we want to make the potential of the QR code, which has long since arrived in the everyday lives of end customers, as simple and versatile as possible for our customers to use in the B2B environment.

Spare parts management

With our QR Navigator, we have developed a universal tool with which you can provide your customers with real added value, even in the B2B sector. It doesn't matter whether you want to make article information available in the form of photos, data sheets, PDF files, interactive graphics or videos, PDF files, interactive graphics or videos. The preparation and subsequent presentation of the information is done according to your specifications.

In addition to the pure provision of information, functions such as one-click ordering (e.g. for spare parts), the simplification of support requests or the management of consignment stocks at the customer's premises are also conceivable.

Target group

Companies that want to label (spare) parts on systems or entire systems via QR code, for example to simplify spare parts ordering or to display additional information on individual parts or modules.


  • Provision of information on the spot
  • Savings in process costs
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Management of consignment stocks

Partnership with
Alexander Bürkle

Enthusiasm for the new drew the attention of technology service provider Alexander Bürkle from Freiburg to tepcon, and the drive for constant further development brought the Donaueschingen-based software solution developer tepcon to Alexander Bürkle. This is how what perfectly complements each other came together: from 1 May 2019, Alexander Bürkle will be the exclusive sales partner for tepcon's AR-Presenter, AR-Instructor and QR-Navigator products in the mechanical and plant engineering sector in Germany and the Benelux countries. in Germany and the Benelux countries.