Telematics solutions
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Transport & Logistics

Optimise the deployment of your drivers and your vehicles simply and conveniently with our telematics solution for haulage companies and logistics service providers. Functions such as geo zone monitoring, order management or automated reporting provide you with the maximum overview and increase the efficiency of your entire vehicle fleet.

The possibility to monitor the driving and rest times of individual drivers in real time and to avoid imminent violations through automated alarms is a popular additional function in this area.

Service & Field Service

Increase the profitability of your field staff and service partners with functions such as real-time location, optimised route planning or our mobile order management including status update.

More time with customers instead of on the road, reduced fuel costs and higher customer satisfaction through more efficient processing of orders can be achieved with just a few clicks.

Smart Logistics

Our Smart Logistics solutions are based on the cyclical location of objects in order to analyse their standing times and circulation times. It does not matter whether this analysis is to be used for objects that are only moved within a factory site or for goods deliveries that are distributed across several company locations on public roads.

By using the right hardware, our Smart Logistics solutions also enable the simple recording, control and fully automatic optimisation of your goods flows.

Container location

More transparency and clarity in container tracking: Conveniently record and log the transport events of your containers. Locate and monitor containers of all types, even over long periods of time, reliably and at minimal cost.

Our individually configurable solutions for long-term localisation implement only those functions that you actually need, thereby reducing energy consumption and maintenance to a minimum. This enables long runtimes at a favourable price.

Trailer & Trailer

In addition to pure tracking, our telematics system offers numerous additional functions for your trailers. For example, you can call up the user history of your trailers at any time and always know which driver was on the road with which towing vehicle and trailer at which time.

Individual solutions

Individual challenges require individual solutions. We will be happy to advise you on the extensive possibilities and functions of our telematics portal and develop your individual telematics concept together with you.

Many functions - One solution

Real-time location & tracking
With real-time location and tracking, you can immediately see where your resources are currently in use and where they were before.
Digitise your logbooks and ensure a legally compliant record of the use of your company vehicles.
Steering & rest times
Monitor your drivers' compliance with driving and rest times simply, quickly and reliably.
Remote Download
Save your dispatchers time with automated reading and archiving of digital driver cards and tachographs.
Order management
To optimise your mobile order planning and management, our "Order Management" function package offers extensive functions.
Mobile time recording
Quickly and conveniently record the working hours of your stationary and mobile employees.
CAN bus evaluation
Evaluate sensor data (IOs) and analyse the driving behaviour of your employees.

Suitable hardware and optimal functionality

Real-time tracking modules
Universal and flexible GPS trackers for professional tracking, geo-zone monitoring, driver's logbook, etc. GPS trackers of the CT and ST series are used.
Long-term locating modules
Robust GPS trackers with long battery life for container location, theft protection, etc. GPS trackers of the LT series are used
Personal locator modules
Evaluate sensor data (IOs) and analyse the driving behaviour of your employees.GPS trackers for personal tracking, especially for emergency call solutions, workplace safety, etc. GPS trackers of the PT series are used.
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