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Efficiently and sustainably digitising corporate know-how and making it available to customers, partners and employees simply, quickly and always in the most up-to-date form is what our comprehensive B2B solution "augmented instructor" does. Two essential components are combined here:

  • The central and secure storage of all data, i.e. corporate knowledge in the form of instructions or documentation on an IIoT portal.
  • Industrial app compatible with all smart devices that can be used to create instructions or documentation, save them in the IIoT portal and make them available to other users for retrieval. The augmented instructor is based on the AR technology approach, which means that the instructions and documentation are recorded and retrieved directly from the real object/product.

The functions illustrated by the case study instructions

The augmented instructor is a digitisation software that enables the fast, simple and cost-effective digitisation of instructions in different sectors and different use cases. The solution helps The solution helps to minimise process costs and increase quality.

  • In create/record mode, instructions are recorded step by step directly on the object/product.
  • Individual work steps can contain several pictures, a video and an audio file. Markers (picture symbols) are used to visualise hand movements and required tools.
  • In the last step, a specific QR code is assigned to the object/product, via which the instructions can be called up in the future.
  • The instructions are called up in call-up/player mode. The user scans the QR code attached to the object with his smart device. This leads to the assigned instructions, which can be downloaded and opened.
  • The user works through the instructions independently, step by step, guided by the APP.
  • Interactive checklists ensure that all work steps are carried out.

Success story

At our customer AP&S, the augmented instructor is already being used successfully in service, production, assembly and as digital support for training.

"With the augmented instructor, we give our customers and our service personnel maximum support for maintenance and repair operations."

Tobias Drixler, COO, AP&S International GmbH

Compatible with all common smart devices


Our Mixed Reality products are compatible with all common smartphones. Both Android and iOS systems are supported.


Our products in the area of Mixed Reality are compatible with all common tablets. Both Android and iOS systems are supported.

Microsoft HoloLens

Our AR solutions are adapted to the MS HoloLens. The AR glasses have integrated depth cameras, the basis for the system functionality.

Desktop PC

Our VR solutions are compatible with all common desktop PCs.

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