Tablets and smartphones

AR / VR solutions for the smartphone and tablet

We implement your individual AR solution for you simply, quickly and cost-effectively on the basis of our existing AR apps.

  • We convert products of all kinds from the B2B sector - whether industrial plants, ovens, park benches or playground equipment - into virtual 3D models and make them available to you and your customers. We offer you the whole thing on the basis of our "augmented presenter" app as a white-label solution, which you and your customers can conveniently download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store using a smart device. From your enquiry to the moment you and your customers have your product in front of you as a virtual 3D model - only a few days pass and there is no effort for you.
  • For the areas of instructions and documentation, which are used in service, production, training, product assembly and installation, we offer the app-based AR solution "augmented instructor". This enables you to create comprehensive and meaningful instructions quickly and easily and make them available to your customers via app.

AR solution for
3D visualisation
of products

The AR app "augmented presenter" - that's how it works:

It doesn't take much to realise your augmented reality app in your CI.

  • For the implementation, we only need CAD files and images of your products, which are to be brought to virtual 3D life, as well as logos and information such as colours etc. for the APP.
  • Within a few days, our augmented reality developers will create your app as well as the 3D models of your products, which not only look lifelike but can also be animated. In addition, additional information such as documentation, product descriptions or videos can be inserted into the 3D representations.
  • These incredibly realistic product models in 3D are stored for you in our IoT portal.
  • We will make your individual app available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You will receive your access data for the app.
  • You and your customers download the app and can immediately place your products as virtual 3D models in real space via your smart device and interact with them. The AR product models can be scaled to any size and rotated in all directions; it is also possible to look inside the product. Additional information can be easily accessed here.

AR solution for instructions and documentation

AR app "augmented instructor" - this is how it works:

  • For the implementation we only need information regarding your CI's such as logo and colours.
  • We create the "augmented instructor app" for you in your CI.
  • We will make your individual app available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You will receive your access data for the app.
  • Directly after the download, you can create your own instructions and documentation with the smart device: Step by step recorded directly on the product. For each step, a picture with description is taken, videos and audio files can be added. As a last step, a QR code is created and attached to the product.
  • Your instructions or documentation are available to your customers at any time via the app. The customer simply scans the QR code on the product, which calls up the corresponding instructions or documentation.

3D Visualisation
on the desktop

We are also happy to integrate your virtual 3D product models directly on your website. Because once created, they can be used multiple times: on the desktop for online sales talks and customer training or simply as innovative eye-catchers on your company website.

A colourful mix of functions
in the tepcon product range


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