Lecture "Digitising knowledge and sharing it sustainably" at IN.STAND 2021
Watch Christoph Kluge's presentation "Digitising knowledge and sharing it sustainably" at this year's IN.STAND here.
Lord Mayor Erik Pauly visits tepcon
OB Pauly and his colleagues were visibly fascinated by the technical possibilities offered by tepcon's software solutions.
Learning Factory 4.0 - this is how you learn today! This week, the festive inauguration of the Learning Factory 4.0 [...]
Last week, the current print edition of the municipal magazine Topinform was published with the cover topic Augmented Reality. And tepcon is part of it.
Part 7 of our Augmented Reality video series is up and running! Heiko Moser is interviewed by Karin and introduces the brand new HoloLens 2.
YAY! Look forward to part 6 of our Augmented Reality video series! Christoph Kluge sums up the advantages of AR once again and has surprised us with some REALLY GREAT NEWS. Be excited!
Wooow!!! Part 5 of our Augmented Reality video series is now online! Sascha Spitz is once again interviewed by Karin and this time shows us how to evaluate the data of the AR model on the desktop.
Welcome to our Augmented Reality video interview series! We get to the bottom of the world of AR, from the basics, to exciting apps, to the details of how to develop AR and use it in everyday life.
Our sales partner Alexander Bürkle invites you to the Automation Forum in Baden-Baden on 4 February 2020. This year, the title is "Technology and solutions for digitalisation". AND WE ARE THERE!
YES, the year is off to a good start: We are now a member of the sbh innovation network.